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Obama uses racism to his advantage

For someone who is supposedly post-racial, Obama has hit a new low in racism:

 I can’t get over this ad Obama has put out there.  I think it might be the worst negative ad ever.  The flood gates are open now.  To knowingly take some phrases of Rush Limbaugh, edit them, take them out of context then tie McCain to them (although there is no real connection as Limbaugh has HATED McCain for years but supports him over Obama), is bad.  But to do it to stoke the fires of racism to get latino votes is real bad. (Here’s Limbaugh’s take on it )

I’m trying to think of what a Republican Ad would have to look like to do the same.  It would have to be an Official ad from John McCain, not one from a group supporting him.  It couldn’t even be a Republican ad, it has to be one made and approved by the actual campaign.  It would then have to take someone who isn’t really connected to Obama (so it couldn’t be a Rev. Wright or an Ayers ad as Obama has a relationship with both of them). I guess it could be a political commentator for the left, then he’d have to take a quote out of context (especially if the quote was said as a joke in part of a bigger narrative).  I’ve got it…

Imagine if Keith Olberman had said something along the lines of; “Many African-Americans feel close to the national interests of countries like Kenya.  They’re not supporting it because they agree with everything Kenya has ever done, they’re not sitting there saying ‘Kenyan’s are mostly black and Kenya’s blacks should stick it to all the whitey’s of the world, give them a free pass and let them do as they please,” but because instead they feel close to Kenya because of heritage and roots.”

Then imagine the following John McCain Ad…

“Keith Olberman is a close pal of Barrack Obama… he recently said “blacks should stick it to all the whitey’s of the world, give them a free pass and let them do as they please.”  Barack Obama is trying to fool you by saying he’s for good race relations.  He’s really a black supremist racist who will let blacks finally get back at whites.  If you’re white, you can’t trust the racist Obama.”

Now of course this is a faulty analogy because Keith Olberman has always liked Obama and Rush has hated McCain, but you get the idea.  Now you might be saying there are some elements that have been presented before, and they have. By idiots on the internet, by commentators who have linked Obama to some questionable people (but in all honesty, I don’t think McCain has ever set down and had dinner with Limbaugh as far as I know, we know he ranked Rev. Wright up in his list of heroes and he has sit with Ayers many times). But in an official ad, to misquote and do that for the simple reason of stoking Racism.  It’s unbelievable. 

Obama is tyring to stoke the fires of racism, he’s calling wolf about supposed Republican racism, and he’s doing it to win an election and doesn’t care if he’s poisoning the waters for white-latino relations for years to come.

You know, the official McCain campaign has not used the Ayers stuff, it hasn’t used the Rev. Wright stuff (both of which are horrible EVEN IF taken in the context of what they said).  They could now. 

Welcome to the dirtiest campaign ever.  And you can think Obama for it.


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  1. Interesting: is it right to say that Barak is black? He is using it. Related: pls see:

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