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8 Responses to “About”

  1. sophia said

    Im writing because you link to a website about student loans. I just wrote an entry on the studentloansexposed blog and dont yet know if it will be approved since it said waiting for approval. Not that I think there was anything wrong with my entry. I think it was respectful and sound.

    What Im writing you here for is, that you had an entry that said you are a part of the blogs making. Yet I’m suprised when I come here, that student loans seem to take no part in your blog. Are you not interested enough in the subject to move it forward on your own? I think we should all agree to disagree if need be, but lets talk about the subject of student loans loudly. We really need to address this problem. And it seems like now’s a good time.

    I have a student loan thats grown tremendously. Even at its inception I’ll have a 20 year debt with it. Which I’m not unwilling to pay. But what would you, as a sane person..suggest we do with the loans that get beyond a persons ability to pay? Can we not renegotiate with banks on mortgages? Why is it taboo to suggest we renegotiate student loans?

    By not allowing people the ability to pay off the loans, are we not then saying the public should pay? Why should the public have to pay heavily inflated loans that people are in fact willing to pay? Can you address these questions? I sure wish someone would. I ask that we all get serious here about this. Please write me back at my email if you can, to let me know you’ve gotten this submission. Its time to start talking across party lines if that how everyone sees it.

  2. J said

    You’re wasting your time trying to talk reasonably to this blog owner. He would probably advocate bringing back debtor’s prisons. He’s a simpleton.

  3. Cairo said

    He throws people out of his group when they have good ideas. Then, he implements them. Egotist and narcissic. Sometimes acts like a cry baby and spoiled brat. He thinks he owns the subject, but is too dumb to know others have already written books about it.

  4. Cairo said

    What happened to studentloanjusticeexposed? It’s not up now.

  5. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  6. I love your site! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  7. You're a loser said

    America sucks. You’re a fucking loser. You’re a cry baby, bitch ass American…like pretty much all Americans. Bunch of spoiled brats you fucking people are.

  8. Patricia Briggs said


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