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Demotivational posters

Posted by americandust on January 26, 2010

Email3,385 views | Demotivational Posters Demotivational Posters are the result of an internet parody of real-life motivational posters. Instead of inspiring or sparking hope, they make you feel even worse about life. Enjoy.

And so it begins…

Someone on the ‘net thought this made sense as a demotivational poster. We suppose if you are an English Teacher this would demotivate you.

Because this could totally happen.
Just The Facts
1.Demotivational posters are thought to have originated from a company called Despair, Inc.
2.They are a parody of a popular line of Motivational posters from a company called Successories.
3.They made the jump from the Internet to Television thanks to the show “How I Met Your Mother” as they are featured heavily in Barney’s office.
As long as there have been beautiful things, there have been people who are not wholly satisfied until they are mocked and transformed into something horrible. Preferably for cash. We used to call these people “critics,” now we call them “Internet users.”

Motivational posters were meant to inspire and bring smiles to the faces of simpleminded corporate slaves. Successories became extremely popular with their line in the mid 90’s when the “kindler, gentler” opinion of teambuilding was very vogue what with political correctness and all (although, this was nothing truely original as female gradeschool teachers have been hanging those retarded “Hang in There” cat posters on walls for decades before the new style posters). But something horrible was brewing and like most things horrible it was brewing on the Internet. Sometime around ’96-98 you had people discovering how to use Microsoft Paint to change images. After a year of drawing mustaches on famous people some people got really good at this and altered photos in all kinds of hilarious ways. Other people figured out it would be easy to just erase the words under the motivational posters and put up sarcastic comments. Those same people read a lot of Dilbert comics, apparently.

Meme. Fuck that word. Fuck everything it stands for. However…that’s what it comes down too. Once the interwebz got a hold of Demotivational posters, life as we know it did not really change that much. That is of course, unless you live on You Laugh You Lose Forums, which in that case, fuck you. Hordes of people with nothing better to do began creating their own tributes to human disappointment. How ironic.

Then of course some genius comes along and said “let’s put these on shirts so that everyone else can see how funny you are,” because, you know, it makes you funny if you wear a shirt that has something funny someone else has done on it. Also, because it would be years before that totally cool Wolves howling at the moon shirt would come out. And if you can make a shirt out of it, why not a calendar?

Profits: Turning Shitty Jokes Into Money Is Possible Thanks to The Internet

Cracked on Demotivational Posters
You know at first it was kind of clever. But now they’re just getting ridiculous with it on the net. What was once a dry humor pointing out the disappointments of what working for a company is like has now became a way any hack with Photoshop can just be a bitch about anything.

I’m Clever, I Made a Cute Cat Cuss. I’m Not Bitter At All.

Worst Thing Is…
The worst thing is sometimes, despite it being a worn-out comedy crutch, they can still be really funny.

Demotivational Posters Articles

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