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Did Glenn Beck Rape and Murder a Child?

Posted by americandust on September 3, 2009

  So Glenn Beck Raped and Murdered a child in 1990.  Not really, but that’s what some people are posting around the net in an attempt to try to get the non-thinking riled up and try to get the thinking people to associate Glenn Beck with sleaze-ball tactics.  The idea is that if you think about the posts you will come to the (false) conclusion that the authors are parodying Glenn Beck’s own efforts to mislead.  The problem is that Glenn Beck doesn’t use tactics like implying that someone MIGHT be something.  When makes an accusation he backs it up (like the Obama’s a racist thing wasn’t hinted at, was it?) right or wrong he brings it.  He doesn’t pussyfoot around about it. 

  But here’s the kicker: I asked those participating in the hub for this rumor online to post all the examples of Beck using this tactic (to imply or infere something horrible he knows isn’t right).  I got no response.  They don’t have any.

But there are many, many examples from politics of this happening… and they almost always come from the LEFT.  Hell, Obama’s senior adviser David Axelrod used to bask in the glory of his nickname “the astroturfer.”  You see, he would start false rumors to change people’s opinion and then pretend the outrage was a “grass-roots” movement.  That’s called astroturfing and he’s considered the father of it (and he was considered this long before anyone even heard of Barrack Obama).  The funny thing is, he doesn’t do this for liberal reasons or causes, he does this for MONEY.  He used to represent some pretty nasty Power Companies back in Illinois that were known for health risks and he astroturfed against anyone trying to look into cancer rates around those plants and to spread disinformation before an important decision about that power companies status in the state of Illinois.  He’s practically the bad guy from that John Grisholm movie about gun control.

  While techno-savvy liberals have actually used this tactic successfully before  it does backfire on some and they are exposed as idiots.  Remember Maureen Dowd and Matt Damon misreading someone’s post where the author clearly stated they had a FAKE Sarah Palin Quote over HERE.

  What about Andrew Sullivan’s one man attempt to convince the world Trigg Palin wasn’t Sarah’s kid?

  But this stuff isn’t new.  It’s just a sleazy, passive-aggressive form of Character assassination.  We’ve seen it before… ask Pat Buchanan how Saturday Night Live’s portrayal of him in 1992 led millions to think he was a Nazi.  It just spun hack comedian after hack comedian making Nazi jokes when he’s shown–a tactic that pretty much sums up the writing ability of the Daily Show’s staff today.

  Maybe David Axelrod is behind this new scheme…. afterall, I haven’t seen any evidence he isn’t!

P.S. It’s been three hourse since it was posted somewhere on the net that Rachel Maddow is a 12 year old boy and she STILL hasn’t proved that’s she not.  Now just like that tranny tack star all it would take is a quick flash of her junk (or lack thereof) to the cameras but she’s STILL HIDING THE TRUTH.  Respond to me Rachel… respond.


7 Responses to “Did Glenn Beck Rape and Murder a Child?”

  1. RunAwayItsBeck said

    Funny thing about Palin… Levi Johnston just said that Sweet Sarah was desperate to adopt young Trig, so she could hide the fact that Bristol had become pregnant. Also, Sweet Sarah never proved that she gave birth to Trig, and her conduct during the “pregnancy” leads to only 1 of 2 conclusions: she put unborn Trig at great risk with her extremely reckless behavior, or, she wasn’t pregnant at all.

    You chose a bad example to use in comparison to the “Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990” story, because it is now likely more than ever that Trig is not Palin’s child of birth. Adopted, could be, Sarah as birth-mother….? Not so cut and dried.

  2. RunAwayItsBeck said

    Correction to previous post: Levi Johnston said that Sweet Sarah was desperate to adopt the latest child born to Bristol, the one conceived by Levi and Bristol. I shouldn’t have said Sarah was desperate to adopt Trig, because that had already likely occurred in the past.

  3. Bub said

    A good doctor should always taste his own medicine!

  4. Wow, what a great expose of this silly liberal smear campaign. Nobody in their right mind would ever believe that Glenn Beck would rape and murder a child in 1990 or any other year… except of course for Glenn Beck who is suing the web-site which started the rumour for defamation. Glenn Beck, meet Barbara Streisand.

  5. kgmadman said

    I believe the point they are making is that the tactic, which has been seen on Fox News a number of times, is to pose an accusation as a question “Obama/Osama: Coincidence?” “War Protesters: Do They Support Terrorists?”. Further, the dubious claim is then tossed in the air by a Fox News pundit, who covers up the assertion not by providing evidence but by demanding evidence to the contrary. For example, Barrack Obama wasn’t born in the United States, I know that because he hasn’t proven otherwise.

    Naturally, as a Republican you rely on hypocrisy to bend reality around your beliefs. After all, “It’s not fascist when we do it!”

  6. mofeto said

    Glenn Beck will have to prove damages from any so-called libel. If he didn’t, Bill Clinton would be the richest man in America.
    Besides,if the child was a Black child, it doesn’t mean he is a racist…

  7. I'm confused said

    So Glenn Beck raped and murdered a child? That’s terrible! Why don’t the msm pick this up?

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