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Why Glenn Beck Can’t Respond to Murder Charges

Posted by americandust on September 2, 2009

  Unfortunately for those of you on the internet with nothing better to do then suspect Glenn Beck of not being an American… oh wait, I mean suspect him of murdering and raping a child in 1990 (the two things are so similar in value so you can see the connection) can’t see why he doesn’t respond to these claims.  Here’s why…

1. He’s President.  No wait, he’s very important and he can’t spend 5 minutes to refute you.  Then he’d have to refute everything stupid said about him (despite the fact that he has refuted most everything else said about him, he doesn’t have time for this).

2. His birth certificate, oops, I mean his paper stating he didn’t rape and murder a child is under lock and kept hidden by his friend the Governor of Hawaii.  This was because of an unrelated issue.  The fact that this paper alone proves/disproves all those questions is of no matter.  It can’t be seen.

3. We’re sure his grandmother in Kenya was lying in that magazine interview where she talked about being in the hospital room in Kenya when he was born… Oops, I mean she was lying about being at the scene of the crime when he raped that girl.

4. He’s President now, who cares what the constitution limits the presidency for, we voted for him.  Excuse me, I keep making errors.  He’s on Fox news now, who cares what the laws say about Rapists and murderers being locked up.

5. You’re all racist for not liking him. Wait, that one I don’t have to change huh?

6. The Courts in this country can’t be bothered with checking to see that someone is eligible to be President. Uhm, I mean the courts in this country can’t be bothered with trying to determine if someone raped or murdered someone.

  There did I hit all the important points? If not, you should check out this page!



P.S.  Direct response to the guy who started the rape/murder page.  I get the parody/satire.  I’m just having fun playing back to you the fact that the other side of internet is also equally stupid with thier responses and dignifying stupid stuff with a response will not make it go away. 

P.S.S. My efforts have been noticed by the founder of the board that is spreading the story and he liked the post.  Funny world.

P.S.S.S. Now there’s a shirt you can buy.


4 Responses to “Why Glenn Beck Can’t Respond to Murder Charges”

  1. Damn, 60 hits in a half hour. And here I thought this page was going to remain as nothing but THE place to turn to to argue about student loans.

    • 12345 said

      EVERYONE is missing the point. Beck is a conservative, therefore he’s guilty of many things: Warmongering, (even though most U.S. conflicts of the 20th century began while a Democrat was seated in the Oval office) bigotry, (even though the civil rights bill in 1964 passed by the majority of Republican support; Abe Lincoln was a conservative and MLK was a Republican) and the very least, Fascism (he just wrote another best selling book with him on the cover wearing a fascist military uniform). I saw him on Television the other day and even though I don’t like him, I couldn’t look away or change the channel. I had to stare at him and try to find something about him to hate. I think it’s his appearance. He doesn’t look like me, so therefore I hate him.

  2. Too Safe said

    Here are some eerie coincidences that are worth checking out …

  3. Chris_Wilson said

    Wow… talk about missing the point of the whole exercise.

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