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Glenn Beck did not Rape and murder a girl

Posted by americandust on September 2, 2009

I know the headline is funny to see written. But if you’ve been on the net today you’ve probably seen this

Now first, it’s clever I’ll give them that. I’m going to play along in my next post.


7 Responses to “Glenn Beck did not Rape and murder a girl”

  1. Too Safe said

    Here are some eerie coincidences that are worth checking out …

  2. 1234 said

    I know I’ll sound like an asshole, but I’m not even focusing on all of the thousands of people he’s already raped.

    That shit already happened. Let’s focus on thwarting the rapes yet to come.

    • 12345 said

      So the viewers being raped by Beck are enjoying the rape so much, they’re unable to find their TV remote?

      • RunAwayItsBeck said

        The viewers who watch Beck continue to do so because they aren’t intelligent enough to realize that Beck is using them. He stirs up their angers and fears to keep them watching, all so he can get a bigger paycheck.

        It’s frightening that millions of Americans are so completely, fully, and astonishingly stupid that they cannot see through Beck’s convoluted logic and outright lies. These are Idiot Americans, and may God help us when they influence government, because they have no clue what they do. We already have such witless morons screwing up the nation, like Michelle Bachmann and Sarah The Stupid.

        As always, I remind everyone to avoid being alone with Glenn Beck at any time, in any circumstance. We do not know if he will violently lash out and rape. It isn’t a chance worth taking.

  3. Jason said

    This cover up has been going on for almost 20 years. We need to get to the bottom of this. What are you hiding Glenn?

  4. RunAwayItsBeck said

    1234, you make a good point. What will stop Glenn Beck from beating, raping, and slaughtering little girls in the future?

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