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New Idiot to Laugh At… Alan Collinge (A repost)

Posted by americandust on August 20, 2009

  So due to a recent discussion on something political, I was informed about a Political Action Committee (you know, the evil special interest we’re always hearing about) called “student loan justice.”  So I researched it’s founder, Alan Collinge.  I read his story online somewhere and basically, well, Mr. Collinge, you’re an idiot.

Collinge borrowed $38,000 for school at USC (the first warning sign is that he went to USC).  Anyway, he gets out of college and immediately falls for the old “consolidate your debt” thinking this will improve his student loan debt situation.  Hello… paying back smaller amounts over longer times will only cost you more in the long run (slight exception where the loan’s interest rate is drastically smaller– IF they don’t charge an arm and a leg for the consolidation).  So he’s already cost himself significantly more in interest payments.  Next, the genius goes on to say he didn’t understand Sallie Mae was in this business to make money!  I guess he thought it was ran by the government to help people… so basically it’s his fault again for not knowing something a quick google or turning on his radio to any of the financial programs would have solved.  But his story continues…  He misses a payment one month and doesn’t really worry about what kind of punishment he would have (didn’t he read the contract he signed?  Nope… I’m sure he didnt’).  Then it takes 6 months (six!) of bills before he notices he’s being charge a late fee for that month!  Six times a bill comes in higher then usual and he doesn’t notice (okay, we can add truthfulness to the list of things Mr. Collinge isn’t so good with).  Then he tells us he left his then current job to find a higher paying job.  He left his job just assuming he’d get hired somewhere else and make more money?  Once again, I’m not sure we’re getting the truth… maybe he was fired.  I hope he was fired, because if you’re dumb enough to leave you job just thinking you’ll find a better paying one without having a new job lined up, well, I hope you’re not doing any work that involves reasoning.  He then bounces around from state to state… once again you have to wonder how his finances took that.  He claims he applied for a deferment and didn’t get it (most people do not so he had to know that was a longshot).  So of course all this time the back-interest, fees, and any other missed payments are adding up…. quick.  All according to the contract he never bother reading.  Then he can’t understand why the company won’t release him from the extra debt he negligently took on while trying to weasel out of his commitment.  Better yet, he then tries to enter the world of defence contractor businesses, but isn’t aware that he’ll get nowhere (just like military clearance, if you’re in huge debt you are considered a threat to be easily bribed and thus a risk they will not take).   Then of course he tries to turn to the classic escape plan of those foolish or evil with their money… bankruptcy.  The plan B (actually, who are we kidding, plan A) of deadbeats.  “Why can’t I get what I want and screw everyone else out of what they’re entitled to?”  This is where it gets good… he apparently didn’t know that you can’t lose student loan debt through Bankruptcy!!!  Then he blames that fact on Sallie Mae’s lobbying efforts.  It’s been like that for a long time, if you didn’t know.  It’s that way for a reason, if they let you default and get away with sticking it to the loaner, then everyone would do that and there would be no student loans at all.  Then of course, rather than face up to his own horrible and dishonest (yes, it is dishonest to try to weasel out of a contract or escape fulfillment of your financial duties) efforts, he blames the system, starts a PAC and tries to blame it all on the high salaries of the executives that run the program he tried to screw.  Seriously… you’re an idiot. Or worse, you’re a con-man.  The difference between you and a thief who breaks in at night to steal is that the thief doesn’t try to get others to feel sorry for him.

Update: After reading the original post Mr. Collinge proceeded to leave some nasty comments on my page.  Another reader launched a blog called and got some traffic and some death threats from those loyal to Alan. I got bored and finally quit responding to pro-Alan people, the other person’s blog got taken down.  I got a post from someone with the same name as me that lived in a state I once lived in claiming Alan called her up and left some sort of cryptic/threatening message.  I obviously can’t vouch for that comment as it didn’t happen to me.  Surely Alan wouldn’t go that far, but if he did then wow… and if he didn’t (which is most likely the case) then it shows how weird this whole thing turned out. Oh, and a sociologist from a major midwestern University is writing the whole thing up in a book about weird online actions from otherwise normal people! All from one little post.  Such is the internet.

8 Responses to “New Idiot to Laugh At… Alan Collinge (A repost)”

  1. Oh, I forgot to add that my wife and I paid off another student loan this summer. That leaves us with just one left. Not bad considering we’ve both earned Master’s Degrees in the last five years (and hers required 60 hours of credits!).

  2. Henry Porter said

    Congratulations! After hearing the insane ramblings in the last incarnation of this post (mostly from the Riveras – wow, what a couple!), it is good to hear a report of success and a voice of reason. While the Riveras spew hate and utter nonsense, their obvious lack of a connection with reality makes them much more sympathetic characters than Collinge.

  3. markone said

    Congratulations, Americandust! Wow, the last two posts are, um, interesting.

  4. I have no idea what’s going on with the posting of people’s info– not sure who’s to blame but I’m going to have to go back and delete that stuff. thanks for the extra work.

    Yeah, its amazing but making payments means that you eventually pay back your loans. Weird, huh?

    My favorite part that will be lost is when someone posted “you have a job because you’re mediocre.” That made me laugh.

  5. Nanette Rayman Rivera said


    I don’t understand why MERIT is not the big factor. First of all, why are people GETTING into college if they have little merit, bad grades etc.?

    You have no brain at all! First, I am more qualified, smarter, and better looking than everyone who wouldn’t give me a job, so lose the attitude, TOADY! You have a job and can pay your bills because you are mediocre. Because I am superior, I intimidate the mediocre and so I don’t get to live any kind of a life. You and your kind owe me dollars!

    Secondly, there are students that are merit-based and need-based. At the New School University, even though I was on the dean’s list every semester except one – I was told my scholarship would stay low because there were people above 96th Street who were needier.

    SO much wrong with that – AND a lie. THOSE students lived with parents, didn’t pay rent. I was an “older” student who couldn’t find work and spent my whole three years in and out of court being almost evicted and finally was immediately after graduation. So who is NEEDIER?

    When colleges, the work force, the arts, etc. FORGET about MERIT, the society goes in the toilet.

    The mediocre and less-than mediocre are inheriting the earth. Aren’t they, JACOB!

  6. Nanette Rayman Rivera said

    You think you have the right to celebrate, PIGGY MAN?

    Here is what my life is like, thanks to you, JACOB.

    From the blog that you stole:

    taken from my blog:

    So, if you’ve been reading my blog you know that my life is hell. It
    has turned out to be what every average American fights against; to
    not fall into. Homelessness, Joblessness, Welfare, Inability to pay
    back Student Loans which leads to living underground, Poverty, and
    the dreaded PUBLIC HOUSING life: THE PROJECTS.

    I did not grow up like this. I grew up in a middle class, then upper
    middle class home. Yes, it was abusive and a different kind of hell,
    but the accroutements were something we can all relate to. Such as:
    heat in the winter, NO RATS, the ability to ask a question and get
    an answer, and NOT the insipid runaround and headgames that the
    morons in Public Housing play.

    I feel like the proverbial fish out of water. The people I have to
    deal with are the kind of people that used to be described as those
    you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. And don’t get your
    political correctness dander up. Until you have lived through all
    these things, don’t judge me.

    As you may know, for FOUR YEARS the Isaacs Housing Projects on First
    Avenue and 93rd Street in Manhattan has NOT fixed the heat line that
    runs through the “D” apartments. This means that A, B, C, E, F, G,
    H, and J apartments from 1 -21st floor ALL HAVE HEAT. But NOT the
    tenants living from 1 -21 in the “D” apartments. For FOUR YEARS I
    have pleaded, screamed, reasoned with, wrote letters, emails, made
    phone calls almost every day through Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb.,

    They have come here and said to my face that I have heat when I
    don’t. They have come for FOUR YEARS and played around with the
    radiator knobs, they keep lowering the temperature of what is legal.
    LEGALLY, under 55 degrees and there MUST be heat. They now have made
    it that it only comes on if it is under 48 degrees. NOT LEGAL.

    The patronizing CHAIRMAN, Tino Hernandes, appointed by the
    billionaire retard, Michael Bloomberg, has his flunkies, ROBERT
    KNAPP and sometimes someone named Gloria somebody write stupid


    Previous attempst by maintenance to investigate your complaint have
    been unsuccessful because no one was home. I DO NOT NEED TO BE HOME.
    The boiler is not in MY APARTMENT. They are idiots playing games.

    They are so proud of their new million dollar heating system that
    they wrote about it in the self-congratulatory THE JOURNAL ( a
    newspaper for the projects), saying EVERYONE would have heat now.

    I called the editor of this rag, EILEEN ELLIOTT, and she wouldn’t
    listen to what I had to say. They do that thing that all low-lifes
    do: Talk over you so you can’t get out what you have to say, so then
    you have to speak louder and before you know it you are screaming
    and then they say: I won’t listen to your screaming.

    Since Sunday, December 2, 2007 we made 12 phone calls to the call
    center: 718-707-7777. These people, and I use the term loosely, are
    the stupidest, meanest, most rotten, sarcastic, lazy creeps you ever
    want to deal with. Some of them can hardly speak at all. They slur
    their words, they mumble, they talk ghetto, they are scum. They play
    with your head.

    Monday, December 3, 2007 at 7:00 a.m. it was 29 degrees. We called
    to complain of no heat. They are supposed to put in a ticket so a
    maintenance worker can do the job. At 4:00 p.m. I called because the
    heat was still not on. They said: A TICKET WAS NEVER PUT IN. I lost
    it. This is after FOUR YEARS OF THIS GARBAGE. I asked them why they
    were so incompetent, and WHY it wasn’t put in. They WOULD NOT ANSWER
    ME!! So I screamed. BIG DEAL. I was polite to NYCHA and their morons
    since October this year. What good did it do me? NYCHA REFUSES TO
    FIX THE “D” line. Then why should I pay the full rent?

    That night I called another 9 times. I spoke with a real idiot
    named, and GET THIS: ELCOCK. Because he sounded sarcastic and DRUNK
    or HIGH, I thought he was playing with my head (after all, they play
    this runaround with the heat and their answers all the time). I said:

    “You’re kidding, right?”

    He said: “No. ”

    I said: So you’re telling me that your name is “The Cock?”

    He said: “What’s your name?”

    After all this runaround, I said: “LaVagina.”

    He was finally speechless.

    Then he said one of the MOST stupid things I think I ever heard
    anyone say:

    You usually have heat, don’t you?

    1.) How would he know, does he live in my apartment?

    2.) On the other hand, I have called so many times in four years,
    they must know my name by now, SO HE KNOWS WE DON’T usually have

    3.) Even if I did USUALLY have heat, I don’t now, so what the f–k?

    I asked AGAIN why the ticket had not been put in and THAT WE WANTED
    HEAT. Now he also wouldn’t answer me. Then someone named BUSTE told
    me that because it’s after 10:00 p.m., we can’t have heat. Yet the
    letter from Robert Knapp and Tino Hernandez specifically states that
    if the temp is under 40 degrees THERE WILL BE HEAT. It was 32
    degrees. Then the creep told me I must be watching television, or
    how else would I know about the law. WHAT A PATONIZING prick. Then
    another genius gets on the phone and I ask him, because by now I
    just want to annoy THEM,
    “WHY WASN”T THE TICKET PUT IN?” – He says: What time was the first

    I say: “7 a.m.”

    SIX TIMES he said, “7 p.m.?”

    After all this, no one can tell me these jerks aren’t the lowest of


    One more thing. The people who live in this building are such pigs
    that they urinate in the elevator, throw drink in the elevator,
    leave half full bags of chips, etc. and in the parking lot and by
    the front door, they leave food. THEN THEY WONDER WHY THERE ARE RATS!

    This summer I had a huge RAT and some very fat mice in the
    apartment. The brain-dead exterminator came and left sticky papers
    just for mice, NOT FOR RATS. He also couldn’t find the hole they
    were coming through. I had to get a male neighbor, (my husband
    wasn’t home) to find the hole. He found it in one minute. They had
    come down the pipes and through the radiator. The lovely
    exterminator told me if a mouse lands on the paper, that I had to
    take it out. NO WAY. NYCHA is supposed to take it out. I also called
    the 718-707-7777 number and they told me that the exterminator had
    already been there, so TOUGH. Well, what about the RAT?

    I also talked to the nasty Tenants Association woman and she told me
    that other people live with rats, why can’t I?

    I guess NYCHA never heard of the bubonic plague.

    And to my nasty neighbor who leaves huge bags of smelly garbage in
    the hall for 24 hours:

    What is wrong with you???

    This is just one day and one aspect of my life in ISAACS PROJECTS.

    What happened to my life?

  7. sarasota dui attorney

    New Idiot to Laugh At… Alan Collinge (A repost) « American Dust

  8. dui attorney sarasota

    New Idiot to Laugh At… Alan Collinge (A repost) « American Dust

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