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Spending money like crazy…

Posted by americandust on February 19, 2009

Celebrity-turned-President Barrack Obama just spent more money to lower the interest rates (slightly) for people who were dumb enough to get a mortguage they could never pay back then we spent on World War One. Twice as much money in fact.
And 40% of those it is trying to help would still not be able to afford their house if their interest rate was 2%… so how much you think this will help? And how much is it a token attempt to look like he cares?

4 Responses to “Spending money like crazy…”

  1. Dave said

    Nice spelling on “MORTGAGE”! I hope to hell you aren’t a teacher in my school district.

  2. Nanette Rayman Rivera said

    I bet you are black!

  3. Steve.Gossman said

    Typical red shirt fucktard.

  4. He’s a “celebrity” because…He got more votes? Americans like him more? He doesn’t hate people not like him? What’s the difference between him and Reagan in 1981 who literally was a “celebrity-turned president”. Try thinking instead of acting and maybe you’ll see why America will be a pretty nice place with President Elect Barrack Obama.

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