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StudentLoanJusticeExposed closed?

Posted by americandust on February 10, 2009

 Damn, looks like two of my favorite webpages are gone!  First I find out t-shirt hell is going out of business and now I’m getting posts that is gone. 

 For all of you writing/posting/emailing me about that page, I don’t know anything about why it’s gone.  I only know the creator from that page from her posts on here about a year ago.  She used to post under the name Gradgirl here (or was there a number behind “gradgirl”?) and we exchanged emails maybe twice after she created the page and asked me if she could reprint what I wrote on it… which of course I did.

If I had to guess, I’d say she basically got tired of the concept.  See, Alan hasn’t really put anything new out there so once you’ve responded to his general mindset it’s pretty much over.  I know the student loan justice types were threatening her with slander and libel charges (only one of which could possibly apply to the written word–I’ll let you figure that out), but as I told her, Alan’s fair game as he is a public figure (by his own making of course but that doesn’t matter). So I doubt she got sued or anything. It’s a free country (still, barely) so Alan can say what he wants and raise money as the special interest group he fronts to try to change policy just as gradgirl and I are free to belittle his ideas.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  At least Alan took the time to organize something to spread his ideas and gradgirl took the time to point out the errors in his beliefs.  I’m not as impressed with the people who made comments like “you suck and I bet you’re rich and/or you work for the student loan companies” but at least they shared their opinion. In the end,  I bet she (gradgirl/ just felt she had said all it really takes to respond to Alan and his work.  And really, once the arguement has been had it’s probably best to just let it be done.  Now don’t get me wrong, if I see Alan with some new ideas I disagree with I’ll respond, but for now it’s all been said.  We argue, you decide.

2 Responses to “StudentLoanJusticeExposed closed?”

  1. Nanette Rayman Rivera said

    Ha! That’s what should happen to any TOAD who tells me to get a job. I hope they shut you down next, you SCUM!!!

  2. Nanettte Rayman Rivera said

    Damn it WALSH/HARDING! I will shut you down you TOAD!!!

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