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Dems faked “Kill Him” story with Media’s Help

Posted by americandust on October 16, 2008

  It’s official, the “kill him” chants at a Palin rally were lies.

Here’s the story, some columnist claimed that a man in the crowd yelled “kill him” about Obama at a Palin rally last Tuesday.  Media sources reported this Wednesday but there was no audio of it (despite the whole rally being videotaped).  That didn’t stop the press from running with the story.   But last Thursday some internet and Republican sources started questioning the truthfullness of this account.  So what happened?  By Friday a man at a McCain rally yelled “kill him” and “terrorist” after a line about Obama and Ayers…

The Dems had a plant in the crowd so they could get the audio they wanted… then they ran wild with it, and had hack politicians and pundits claim that McCain and Palin were stoking racism someone by pointing out that Obama was friends with a terrorist and they didn’t even mention the terrorist was white–

Two major points…

ONE: The Dems took the fake story and made it real to score points.

Two: Notice how the Dems are so used to claiming any link to a bad person is racism (see the connection between Obama and his advisor/money launderer Harold Raines who ran Fannie Mae into the ground with the help of the Congressional Black Caucus) that they didnt’ even bother to change their story when it involved a white terrorist!!!


One Response to “Dems faked “Kill Him” story with Media’s Help”

  1. Joan said

    Where was mainstream media when T shirts were seen at a Dem rally with the words “Sarah Palin is a C–t” ???? Disgusting.

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