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Old, tired, worn out show: SNL

Posted by americandust on September 26, 2008

  Imagine that… SNL is back… and it’s still really, really, not funny.  Of course SNL is still very very liberal (since the purge of Conservatives like Norm MacDonald, Adam Sandler, and the head writer fired so Tina Fey could run the show into the ground).  Of course in their first episode of the season they had one skit trashing Palin, then four anti-McCain jokes in the “news” section.  Not one single Obama joke.  Not one.  Sure they had an Anti-Clinton joke or two (and how timely, since she’s OUT OF THE RACE).  Don’t even act like there hasn’t been anything to make fun of (how about Biden’s “Barack America” or his asking a parapalegic to stand up last week).

It’s sad that SNL has to compete with the talentless Daily show in a race to see who can be more unfair, even s

2 Responses to “Old, tired, worn out show: SNL”

  1. said

    Agreed! It’s not at all surprising.

    And I miss Norm MacDonald. Sigh.

  2. J said

    You conservatives have no sense of humor. Palin is a joke, hence SNL pokes fun at her. They’re some of the only funny skits they’ve had in the past several years. The Daily Show is a funny and well made show. You’re just bitter and defensive because they’ve been exposing how incompetent your boy W has been. Obama doesn’t provide as much joke material as some of these other folks. But, when he’s president, rest assured that the Daily Show will make fun of him. That’s what they do. And just think about how rabid people like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh will be. You’ll have plenty of hateful things to laugh about!

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