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Idiot: WSD’s Stephen Cohen

Posted by americandust on September 26, 2008

World Soccer Daily’s Steven Cohen continued to show his stupidity this week.  First, a caller on 9/25 called in from Ohio and Cohen asked who he was voting for, when the kid said he was voting for and volunteering for Obama, Cohen decided to reward him.

Cohen gave the kid a Jersey that had already been promised to go to hurricaine relief in Houstan.  Seriously… he took a jersey they had already declared they (WSD) would donate to hurricaine victims and rewarded an Obama volunteer.

The next day Cohen read an email that criticized him… but of course he doesn’t read a good one (like the one I sent him), he reads one from some jackass racist from Boston.  But not to be outdone, Cohen then said “I’d expect this racism from the South.  Okay, so Cohen’s bigotry is based on Geography instead of race.

To finish up the day, Cohen hoped some idiot in Miami was taken to jail and “sorted out by some Cubans.”

So I guess Miami jails are full of Cubans in Cohen’s mind.  I guess he is a racist afterall.

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