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Second Generation Idiot to Ignore: Luke Russert

Posted by americandust on September 24, 2008

  Luke Russert’s dad was a famous reporter.  I think he was overrated, but it was sad when he passed.  However, MSNBC has thrown Luke Russert on TV because of his last name… fair enough.  However, the kid’s a snob.  While reporting on University of Virginia’s campus, he said something along the lines of “well the smartest kids in the state go here, so yeah, they support Obama.”

University of Virginia is one of the snobbiest places in the country.  Just don’t remind those snobs that the real smart kids got into the Ivy League and the UVA is the back-up choice for young snobs. 

But, the real problem is young idiot Luke has bought into the whole idea that smart people support Obama, and if you’re against Obama you must not be smart.  Classic liberal elitism.

Sure Luke tried to cover it up over at

But we now know the truth.  Let’s ignore this idiot.

3 Responses to “Second Generation Idiot to Ignore: Luke Russert”

  1. J said

    Educated people tend to vote for Democrats. Simple fact.

  2. And I see you came to my page from somewhere called “Kenyon College.” I wonder why I’ve never heard of it if “educated people” like yourself come from there.

  3. P.S. I’ll put my 4.0 GPA from my Master’s degree in History up against your GPA anyday.

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