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Are they Grateful?

Posted by americandust on September 22, 2008

  Do immigrants or those getting refugee status here in America feel grateful for our assistance?  This might be an odd question, but coming from the world of soccer this is a valid point.  Take this case.  Here a Bosnian kid flees his homeland during the war and gets to stay in Germany.  Then Germany kicks his family out and his family can either go back to war-torn hell filled Bosnia or the US.  They come to the US.  Then the kid grows up, becomes a rising soccer star and decides he just might not want to play for the US.

It has happened again and again.  So my question is, are they grateful?  Why do we help people if they just don’t care?  It’s like helping your neighbor, then having your neighbor tell everyone your help was meaningless and they frankly don’t care for you.  Should you help your other neighbors?  Would you be less likely?

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