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Letter to Levi Johnston

Posted by americandust on September 4, 2008

  Dear Mr. Johnston… you’re going to love being a father.  There is no other joy quite like it in the world.  Yes, the late nights of the first four months are going to be killer… but then, you should know something about the opening days football camp or whatever other sport you’ve ever played.  It is totally worth it.  And while I think it is incredibly crappy the way the media have tried to throw you and your soon to be young family to the wolves… this too shall pass.  You are far from the only teen parent in the country.  You seem to be handling this much better then I could have at your age.  You have to rely on family, and it seems you’ve been blessed with a good one.  Good luck, and remember every diaper you change, every 3 a.m. bottle, every time the baby cries for no reason, there will be 100 great moments later one for every one tough one now.  May God Bless you.

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