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Obama the Hypocrite

Posted by americandust on August 26, 2008

  Leave it to another no-good lawyer hypocrite, but Obama the sue-machine has announced he will sue the group behind ads against him because of his friendship with the American terrorists from the Watchmen group.

  Obama has never issued anything against’s multi-tens of millions of anti-Republican spending of course.

  But the bigger issue may be this: Obama’s frivolous suites to get his way.   It came out recently that Obama only won his state senate seat by launching lawsuits against everyone else that ran (including the incumbent) to discount their signed petitions (including a major coup in getting rid of 1,800 signatures for the incumbent when only 900 were needed to get on the ballot!). 

Yeah, that’s what we really need… a dirty politician who twists the law to get what he wants through lawsuit after lawsuit.  Now that’s politics as usual.

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