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DNC day one Review…

Posted by americandust on August 26, 2008

  Well, what happened?  Not much.  Obama doesn’t know St. Louis from Kansas City and he likes to exploit his children for political purposes.  Michelle tried to soften her image, and she did look better, but she looked pretty tough too… I didn’t notice how athletic she is before–that might go a long way towards her bitchy image.

  Oh, and Dems love baby-killer, woman-killer drunk a-hole Ted Kennedy.  Seriously, I love Ben Stien for calling it like it is when he said he couldn’t understand why they love such a horrible, horrible person.

  Oh, and the lesbian on MSNBC (I figured she was by the haircut and radical politics, but you never know nowadays) pretty much outed herself and explained to Pat Buchanan that his 1992 GOP convention speech (the war for the heart and souls of America speech) was the reason she knew there wasn’t a place for her in the Republican party.  Then Buchanan said he was suprised Michelle Obama never mentioned Christianity in her speech, a quick turn to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Matthews said “Thank goodness we don’t have to be Christian, Pat.  The founding fathers had the foresight not to require a Christian litmus test.” (I’m paraphrasing but very close. 

So what did we “learn”?

1. Michelle loves her husband.

2. Michelle supposedly loves America

3. Chris Matthews HATES christians.

4. Obama doesn’t speak so well without a telepromter.

5. Democrats love woman-killers who fight to help kill innocent babies.

We knew all this beforehand.  Why did we have to go all the way to Cow-Town Denver to find this crap out?

Now, if we could turn the thermostat up a bit in Teddy Kennedy’s personal HELL cell… get it nice and warm for him.

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