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Why McCain Caught Obama

Posted by americandust on August 22, 2008

  First, here’s some excellent articles on the election (including the first Slate article I ever enjoyed!):  (which explains how this election just went very, very dirty–and it’s Obama’s fault-which is suprising coming from this liberal source!)

 Now that the required reading is over, why did McCain catch Obama?  Well, we can look inside these articles and realize real quick:  DEMOCRATS STILL DON’T GET IT.

Democrats believe in a myth that they are clean campaigners and Republicans beat them with negative ads.  I talked to a Dem last night that thinks Kerry lost because of Republican attacks.  They never once asked: “Why do these attacks stick?” when the answer is very, very simple:  they’re true.  And it’s not negative attacking if it’s true, it’s just the facts.

Kerry lost because Americans didn’t feel comfortable with the egg-headed, snarky, self-obsessed image he radiated. And Obama has lost his lead for the same reason.  Liberals are snobs.  Pure and simple… who else would buy Apple Computers and drink overpriced Starbucks for the same reason–to be seen hip!  If you’re like me, you laugh at the idiots in Starbucks (not people who rush in and out to get to work with the vague feeling they were totally screwed much worse by Starbucks then they were by Exxon–I’m talking about the people who sit around in their GQ clothes and try to drag anyone into a conversation so they can use their Philosophy Master’s Degree for the first time in their life).

But Democrats don’t get it.  They keep electing snobs and nominating snobs because that is who controls their party (and the Republican party may be controlled by Big Business–but many of us are okay working for big business and none of us like to work for a Snob).  But Dems don’t see it that way… they never understand real people.  Instead, Dems like to believe in a FAIRY TALE:  and that Fairy Tell is called: “THE ONLY REASON OBAMA IS LOSING IS BECAUSE MEAN NASTY TROLLS HAVE LIED AND TOLD EVERYONE HE IS A MUSLIM AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SO DAMN STUPID THEY BELIEVE IT.”

  Seriously, go back, read the last three articles.  It’s implicit in everything Obama has done as well… he could wear a t-shirt that proclaims “I Belong to Jesus” just like soccer star Kaka did, and it wouldn’t help his points at all.  Because the Muslim thing isn’t why people don’t like Obama.  But as long as the Dems keep treating it as the most important campaign issue in 2008, they WILL LOSE!  What’s really sad is they have conned all these young kids into thinking they’re part of a new movement, and when they lose in the fall, these kids will be more cynical and more apathetic towards government and politics then any previous generation.  False Hope does that to a person… and false hope is the alternative energy source that runs the Democratic party.


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