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What to do in Denver for the DNC?

Posted by americandust on August 19, 2008

  Hey Dems, wondering what to do in Denver during the DNC?  Here’s some suggestions…

NOTHING–Denver is a glorified Cow-Town.  Pure and Simple.  They offer nothing that any decent city doesn’t offer.  The zoo is nice, (but not exotic, not particularily large, not particularily special), the shopping is pretty much like shopping from a catalogue (the fancy midtown shopping is full of crate and barrel and such run of the mill catalogue stores and parking is expensive), the eating is overrated (would you expect fancy sea-food dishes and such in the middle of the mountains?), the sights are limited (you can see a mountain from the city, but the smog makes it less then picturesque).  The sports teams are mediocre at best (The Broncos and Nuggets won’t be playing meaningful games yet, the Rockies are out of the race, if there is an exception, you should go see the Rapids soccer team in their push for the playoffs–but they will be out of town–but you could tour the stadium–twenty minutes north of Denver).

  So basically, you will sit in your overpriced hotel room (all hotels have gladly taken advantage of you and tripled thier price–if not more) and go to packed bars and applebees (or the more exotic Bennigans!) and have to put up with noisy, immature college kids that actually think they’re a part of history because they are going to vote for another liberal Democrat.

  So in effect—–enjoy your COW TOWN, DEMS!

P.S. Make sure you refer to Denver as COW TOWN–they LOVE THAT!

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