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History Repeats Itself… 1908/2008

Posted by americandust on July 13, 2008

The 1908 Democratic Naitonal Convention was held in Denver, which will host the 2008 Convention.

The 1908 Dem Presidential Nominee was generally believed to be the best public speaker of all politicians, same as 2008.

The 1908 Dem nominee was from the Midwest, as is the 2008 nominee. (The 1908 Nom was born in Illinois and the 2008 nominee moved there).

The 1908 Dem Nom invented the stumping tour, the 2008 nom invented the mass gathering event.

Both were lawyers from Chicago with professional wives (both lawyers?).

Both were greatly benifited from connections to a questionable businessman.

Both the 1908 and 2008 Democratic National Conventions focused on a platform that must be called Anti-Business (in 1908 it was anti-monopoly, in 2008 it’s anti-big oil).

In 1908 the Republicans held the White House by a Cowboy-president who served nearly two terms much to the hatred of the Dems… same as 2008.

In 1908 the Dems faced a Navy man as the Republican Nominee, same as 2008.

Any others?

Oh, and for the record, in 1908 Dem nominee William Jennings Bryan lost.

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