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Obama lost the election when he demanded we learn Spanish…

Posted by americandust on July 12, 2008

  Write it down… it was one day last week when Barrack (Don’t Mention the Middle Name!) Obama lost the election.  When SNOBama demanded we all learn Spanish because he’s embarrased about being an American when he meets with Europeans who accept the need to learn two or more languages, he lost the election.  You’ll notice the polls are now tied.  The snob blew his lead, exposed even more of his elitest personality, and shot himself in the foot majorly.  But perhaps more importantly, he proved once again OBAMA DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING!  This isn’t as major as his recent gaffe when he said he’d make the Joint Chiefs of Staff end the war (and you really, really should know that the J.C.of S. are not part of the command structure if you want to be president), but I guess we can’t blame him for that, afterall, he was only a senator for 143 days before he focused himself on running for President.  However, how the hell did he not know that Foriegn Language classes are mandatory in over 95% of US high schools?  Seriously?  I guess we can add “Education” to the list of things he knows absolutely nothing about.


On a side note, I’m in the Denver area this week, where next month they will be hosting the Democratic convention.  And, just like 100 years ago the Dems are prepared to nominate the figure thought to be the best speaker of thier generation.  You might recall the Republicans pulled a nice suprise by holding on to the White House (the sitting President of nearly two terms did not run again) in 1908 with a former Navy leader as their nominee… a man thought to be a much worse speaker then the Dem nominee.  Of course Howard Taft was President, and the greatest political Speaker of the fin de siecle and the first decade of that century, Illinois Senator William Jennings Bryan lost.

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