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An Exchange with Steven Cohen

Posted by americandust on June 12, 2008

  Those of you who know me know that I have a love for Football (soccer).  As such I regularily listen to World Soccer Daily a podcast about soccer.  It’s truely a great show, but one of the hosts (Steven Cohen) regularily makes out of place political comments.  I took the opportunity to shoot the show a nice, friendly email poking fun at how out of place these comments were on a soccer show.  I’ve included his heated reply and my reply back.

My first email:

A very weird thing happened last night, I was flipping through the 
> news
> channels and I caught an exchange between Hannity and Combs about 
> soccer!
> Hannity is a Newcastle fan apparently and Combs used to be a Man U 
> fan but is now a
> West Ham fan (now that Hillary the Man U fan has been beaten by West 
> Ham
> Obama).  Next I flipped the channel to CNN and Anderson Cooper was 
> wearing a
> Liverpool shirt (it figures).  Cooper started talking to Larry King 
> (a born-again
> Chelsea fan) about the importance of playing a 4-4-2 formation.  I 
> quickly
> turned the channel.  See, I have absolutely no freakin’ interest in 
> hearing
> political pundits talk soccer.  Just like I have no interest in 
> hearing my favorite
> soccer radio show hosts talk politics.
>  I was considering quitting listening to the show as I am constantly 
> ripped
> out of the world of football and back into the politics that I am 
> escaping
> from my local AM chanels by listening to your show.  Then I decided 
> I’d do
> something better… everytime you guys make an Obama plug I’ll just 
> write a $10
> check to McCain for President (enough to print two yard-signs).  
> Just know every
> time you stump for Obama on air you’re helping McCain beat him.
>  In all seriousness I love the show (despite the distractions from 
> time to
> time), but hate your politics (perhaps that’s a reason I hate Bruce
> Springsteen, well that and his music is middle-aged sentimental 
> drivel).


  His reply:

  hey, the read we do for whoareya this week has asked to mention it.  I 
am sorry you don’t like it, write all the checks to McCain you need to 
he needs the money and it will not make the slightest bit of 
difference come November …THANK GOD.

I am glad you can sleep so well at night with 4200 American soliders 
dead so some wanker in the White Hose called Bush could get even with 
Hussein…you should really think about you are saying…we have lost 
our soul and our conscience and our ability to tell right from wrong.  
So make all the jokes you want but you are talking to a veteran of US 
Army and i don’t take the needless and senseless death of 4200 
American serviceman quite so humourously.

I am happy for you that you think it is so funny…but if there is a 
heaven and hell George Bush is surely going to hell.



And finally, my reply to his reply:

  Let me first clear something up:  in no way was I poking fun or making a joke about the sacrifice of our troops.  Nor was I commenting on your beliefs about the war.  My letter was in response to the pro-Obama comments (and yes, this time it was done as an attempt to shill for the shirt company but there have been many others).  I poke fun to point out how out of place these political jibes are on a football show.  I simply reversed the situation to point this out.  I feel now that we are both people to whom our politics run deep and we sometimes refuse to put those aside in favor of other interests/persuites or in our professional lives.  Of course I don’t front an organization, company, or even an entire sport and aren’t likely to turn someone off to soccer because I state my political beliefs. Once again I would like to remind you that nothing in my email even poked fun at your beliefs about the war.  As for your letter…
    I sleep well at night knowing that the 4,200 soldiers who sacraficed everything for our countrymen did so NOT in vain.  I sleep knowing I and both of our (your and my) friends and families across the country will not be awoken by a car-bomb going off near our homes by terrorists.  This is precisely BECAUSE of the sacrifice of our vets.  I thank you for your military service for our country (and yes, I believe you are ever bit the American I am despite my having the luck to be born here).  Howevever, I think you certainly have lost your ability to tell right from wrong as you chalk up our efforts to stop terrorists (and nations like Iraq that support terrorists–and surely you understand that paying the families of martyrs to kill Isreali’s is state sponsored terorism that Hussein helped cause) as a personal vendetta Bush had with Hussein.  I am stunned that anyone could see the death of our soldiers as needless and senseless.  Particularily when little girls in Afghanistan are allowed to go to school again (thanks to the removal of the Taliban), one of the world’s worst dictators is dead and free elections are occuring in his absense, the Kurds are no longer gassed for who they are, Iraq no longer pays the family of martyrs to kill Isreali’s and Al Quaida has been unable to launch another attack on American soil (something unimaginable in 2001).
  I won’t even get into the McCain versus Obama debate as I can tell it would be pointless.



  I thought I’d share this little exchange because I found it interesting.  A friend and fellow fan of the show read it and said “it’s nice to see Steven’s mean and nasty streak isn’t limited to his soccer views.”  I don’t quite think that’s fair.  I obviously touched a nerve (accidently as it is not like I wrote to him about how his opinion on the war is wrong). 

  I think Mr. Cohen (and other like him) are deeply motivated by their beliefs about the war.  I disagree and think he is completely wrong on the war, but I understand where he is coming from.  He is no different then the strong pro-life people who base all their politics on that one issue.  I will leave it to you to decide what the bigger tragedy is, the murder of one million innocent babies a year or the sacrafice of  600 soldiers a year to protect us from a real and true enemy.  If you believe that America has nothing to fear from international terrorist organizations who hate us and want to kill us AND you believe that a fetus is a lump of skin or a “mistake” as Obama calls it, then you are clearly going to be an Obama supporter.

Thank God McCain will win in November.



One Response to “An Exchange with Steven Cohen”

  1. Americandust said

    Hahahaha It appears Mr. Cohen had his little madfit then blocked me from being able to send him email! Maybe my friend is right about him after all. So I guess he never got to read my reply… but honestly, isn’t that just like a liberal? Fake indignation about something that was not even being discussed anyway and then put your fingers in your ears and say “la la la la I can’t here you.” I pretty much think this is how liberal make up their minds on everything. No need to let facts or reality get in the way of their pretty words.

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