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Keeping Up with the election overseas

Posted by americandust on May 17, 2008

 What a wonderful time we live in.  Think about it… thanks to the internet we can keep up with the election even if we live overseas.  That would have been impossible 15 years ago for most of us.  You can even keep up with state or local politics thanks to the explosion in blogs from the last 5 years.

  Imagine if I had to stick to The London Times or Guardian for their bias coverage (although to be fair they’re not much more biased then the US liberal media)!  I’d have to limit my attention to nothing more then English commentaries about how much they’d love Obama to win (sure they give a few random reasons but they always come back to the truth:  Obama is seen as less likely to promote American interest overseas and to cooperate with Europe’s vision of a European-Union led Free World).  The media over here is salivating at the opportunity for America to lose their status as the only super-power.  However, the public is more worried about becoming the next America–idiots in America are talking about becoming liberal and socialist (and let’s not kid ourselves, nationalized health care and the higher taxes to pay for it are about all that’s left for them to do) while all of Europe is becoming conservative and capitolist.  Ask the Conservative leaders who were recently elected in Germany, France, and London’s mayor.  Look at the next parliament election and the impending defeat of centralist Gordon Brown in favor of a more right-wing leader.


It’s a great time to spend some years Abroad in Western Europe if the Dems actually win back home.  With any luck the four years of Obama will fly past and by the time you come home the nation will have returned to their senses.

5 Responses to “Keeping Up with the election overseas”

  1. roodly philo said

    keep your stupid post yourself plus you dont even know to spell, you need to go back to school and learn how to make rational thinking.

  2. First, You’re right about my spelling sucking. WordPress’ spell-check doesn’t really work and I don’t want to bother to type everything in word and spellcheck then copy and paste to this simple blog that I don’t bother putting much thought into (I just write and rant, and never, ever do I go back and edit or even proofread).

    Secondly, I’d bet I have more degrees from Higher Learning than you have (or do you have a doctorate?) and I’d say my professional, scholarly published works prove that I can make a rational arguement.

    Finally, did you even read you’re post… see how you sound “go back to school and learn how to make rational thinking.”

    Seriously… I think you have some errors in there too. I guess you need to “go back to school and learn to make English writing.” (sic)

  3. Carlos said

    It’s amazing to see such a right-wing conservative abroad. Usually the Americans you meet abroad are open-minded and present a unique perspective on the world they live in versus the one they just came from.

    Honestly, I’m astounded to see that you’re still Bush-blinded and conservative even after living in Europe. I guess it goes that you can take the boy out of Texas, but you can’t take the gun-toting, redneck, idiot out of the boy.

  4. Wow what a close minded idiot full of prejudice you are, Carlos. I do not own a gun, I have several degrees, well travelled and well cultured. I think I have a unique perspective, as a midwesterner who grew up in a working class family that rose up and accomplished a lot thanks to the opportunities that American capitolism creates.

  5. Carlos said

    “I do not own a gun, I have several degrees, well travelled and well cultured.”

    Keep clinging to that little raft, buddy. One day you might actually convince yourself it’s true.

    Several degrees and still no ability to spell check your own writing? Several degrees in what, basket weaving? Cultured and yet still conservative enough to think that Bush, salute to the greatest American failure, did well? If that’s your idea of culture, I’d hate to see where that ‘culture’ came from. I guess it just goes to show that any fool can sit 4 years of college and still come out stupid.

    Just as useless as your rants.

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