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Why Declare Obama the Winner Now?

Posted by americandust on May 9, 2008

With Hillary winning 2 of the last three states to vote (including the biggest one), why declare the race over now?

I figured it out… West Virginia and Kentucky are next to vote.  According to polls last week Obama was going to get the crap litterally pounded out of him in both of these states.  West Virginia was going to go for Hillary by 40 points!  The biggest victory for either candidate not in their own home state.  Kentucky was pro-Hillary by 30 points.

Imagine the talking points Hillary would have had… 4 of the last 5 states.  Gained half a million votes net total over Obama from those two… Obama’s support amongst working class states had collapsed.  Hillary closing in on the popular vote lead.

Now by trying to depress the vote turnout Obama will do much better in these states… imagine if he shaves 15 to 20 points off what would have been Hillary’s wins… losing by 20 in WV would still be embarassing… but losing by 10 in Kentucky would be par for the course… and Hillary wouldn’t get the net advantage in voters she needs to strike at the popular vote total.

Voters in West Virginia and Kentucky can thank the Democratic party and the media for making sure that once again their votes won’t matter much this primary season.

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