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Obama would have negotiated with Hitler

Posted by americandust on May 6, 2008

  In his speech last night after winning North Carolina and (probably) stealing Indiana, Obama tried to justify his amazingly daft position about dealing/negotiating/meeting with terrorists.  In his speech he said it wasn’t weak, it was smart to meat with our enemies… just like JFK, etc, etc, etc, and Roosevelt did.

  Wait a minute!  What enemies did FDR meet with?  I know we didn’t meet with the Japanese as we refused to deal with them or even meet them until they left China (which they refused to do), so then that leaves only one American enemy… HITLER.  Did FDR meet with HITLER?  Not that I know of.  So I think Obama’s history is quite off. 

More importantly, this means Obama would have MET WITH HITLER!  REALLY?  You would have met with Hitler!  I wish the media was smart enough to have caught this, but I know they’re not. 


OKAY here’s the fine print, if you can find where FDR met with Hitler then I applaud you… quite frankly it’s midnight-ish here and I’m not going to even google it on my dial-up computer.

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