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Liberal Racists Try to Smear McCain

Posted by americandust on April 23, 2008

  I got into an arguement with some liberals over at a Kentucky blog.  Then the liberals tried to call me racist (on the grounds that I don’t support Obama).  Next, the liberals tried to smear John McCain with the same dirty trick that their supposed enemy Karl Rove used in South Carolina in 2000 (to pass McCain’s adopted Bangledeshi daughter Bridgett as a half-black love-child).  I figure since they specifically hammered home that it was a Black daughter (and said it as if it was someone worse then if it was a white bastard) they must have some racism issues themselves.  No longer they are willing to go so far to elect the totally inexperienced Obama, they have to do this to feel better about their being a racist!  This way they can convince the world (and themselves) that they aren’t really that racist.

Just goes to show you that liberals are complete pieces of crap.


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