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Rare Comic-related post…

Posted by americandust on March 28, 2008

Marvel comics is in the middle of a major series where they reveal (ala “invasion of the body snatchers”) that several heroes have been replaced by evil aliens.

Meanwhile, inside Marvel’s own office a crew-member has been posting secrets and office gossip, as well as some serious hard-core disses to the three or four most over-rated writers in the comic industry (Bendis especially).

What’s great is that Marvel’s slogan for their current crossover is:  “Who can you trust.”

And now they’re asking the same thing as they run around the office looking for “marvelb0y” or Marvelboy depending on how it’s spelled (with a zero or a o, so I spelled it both ways so those search engines catch it and lead you here).

Here’s the full scoop, but start by scrolling to the bottom and working your way up…

As for my guess, I think it’s Bendis doing all this on his own to relieve the pressure of knowing you’re a hack.


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