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Ebenezer Obama or Barrack Scrooge?

Posted by americandust on March 26, 2008

  So according to his tax returns, the Obama’s made around $275,000 before he ran for the Senate.  After getting the Senate job the family made about 1 million (the book deal and the wife’s 300% raise in income at her same old job with the same duties–as a Senators wife she must do her job three times better then before).

 But here’s the important thing… before he decided to run for the Senate, the Obama’s donated about a thousand dollars to charity that year.  That’s it.  1/120th of his income. 

That would be like a teacher in Western Kentucky donating 129 bucks to charity over the course of a year.  Who-hoooooo

I’m about 7 times as generous as Mr. Obama.  And that man has the AUDACITY TO COMPLAIN ABOUT RICH PEOPLE NOT DOING THEIR SHARE IN AMERICA?


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