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Why Now?

Posted by americandust on March 19, 2008

  After months of hearing quotes from Obama’s preacher, the Rev. Jerimiah Wright, why did this story break last week?  How come talk radio was discussing this for months but the mainstream media and FoxNews didn’t cover it?  This plagued me for a week, but then I figured it out. 

   Let’s review how we got here…

Last week ABCNews bought the DVD’s from the Front steps of the church.  The church sells them (because most, if not all, churchgoers LOVE this type of fiery rhetoric).  When Foxnews heard that, they did the same thing.  This is important to note as Obama-apologists are trying to play this off as if it is all FoxNews’ doing.

  Then the story got covered briefly on ABC and Fox went further (primarily because they now had the cover of “see ABCNews agreed it’s newsworthy).  When O’Reily came down hard on CNN’s handling of the situation (Where the hair-dying Anderson Cooper ACTUALLY APOLOGIZED FOR HAVING TO DISCUSS IT–and don’t forget Anderson Cooper is the one who made the most of Mitt Romney’s church as a political issue).  The next day, CNN and other sources had to quickly over-react to the story (as they had previously been called out by Saturday Night Live and made a show of “getting tough” with Obama by asking him ACTUAL campaign appropriate questions for once).

Now the question still bugged me… why did ABCNEWS act last week?  Afterall, they’re amongst the biggest liberals (although nothing tops NBC news which actually said they love Obama and get teary-eyed covering this great man).

 Why last week?  Some said because he wasn’t taken seriously before.  Well, bullshit.  He was taken MORE seriously after super-tuesday and BEFORE he lost Texas and Ohio. So why last week?

 I didn’t figure it out till I saw CNN run a “best of” clip from his meaningless speech yesterday.

They waited till Rev. Wright retired.  Wright had said all along he was retiring last week… Obama talks like he knew his retirement was comming for months.

Why wait?  Simple… so Obama could add one word to the speech, that one word allowed him to say “my FORMER preacher” instead of “My preacher.” 

Will that one word save Obama?

I hope America isn’t that stupid… I fear we are.

P.S. Check out how CNN dealt with Mitt Romney’s big speech on religion (the inspiration for Obama dealing with race head on?) here.


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