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Obama’s Slight of Hand

Posted by americandust on March 18, 2008

You have to give it to the slick, pompus campaign of Barrack “No Middle Name Mentioned” Obama. 

  Got trouble with your spiritial advisor being a huge anti-American race-baitor like Rev. Wright?  Why not use it to your advantage… go ahead and admit that you WERE IN POLITICAL BED with Tony Rezko.  The liberal press will gladly bury it on page A13.

  Then throw the loyal puppydog media a stick–say a speech on what race really means to you.  Just bring a towel to sop up all the slobber those idiots give when they drool all over you and how great you are.

 Is it just me, or is Obama becoming the most arrogant person to ever run for president?  Seriously, he compares his lifestory to those of the founding fathers, to those of African-Americans who grew up in slavery, under jim crow, or the radical period of the 60’s.  What a rich snot.

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