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Obama can’t beat Clinton

Posted by americandust on March 6, 2008

  She’s the most despised woman in politics.  Last year 50% of voters said they would NEVER vote for Hillary no matter who she ran against.  And yet… Obama can’t seem to kill her campaign.  What does this say about the first time candidate (because let’s face is, his Senate run in Illinois was against a joke candidate).

In other news, Dems STILL think they have every election won before they run.  This is what sunk them in 2000, and again in 2004.  Here’s the quote:  “The only reason we ever lose is when we beat ourselves,” one nervous Democrat grumbled yesterday as the primary dogfight dragged on.

 Hahahahaha… they’re so arrogant they assume that they have every election wrapped up, till their own stupidity blows it.  Remember their lie used to be “if more Americans voted, we’d win”… yeah, then in 2004 more Americans voted then ever before… and you LOST!

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