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Colbert Plays Race Card… on McCain

Posted by americandust on February 28, 2008

  Last night on the Daily show (I normally don’t watch such sophomoric humor but I had left the T.V. on after South Park)Stephen Colbert played the race card… on John McCain.

  First, let me state that this was tuesday’s episode… (t could quite possibly have been a rerun, but it’s hard to tell as it is basically the same schtick and four jokes in every episode)… anyway, Colbert played a clip of a McCain ad that criticized the dems for wasting money on a bear DNA study (amongst other wastes of money).
  Then Colbert said “but I have it on good authority, McCain fathered an illegitamate BLACK BEAR.”
  This might seem innocent enough, but it isn’t. This was done (as is all the jokes/schtick on the show) to engineer a thought in (younger) voters’ heads. Now the next time (which for most voters will be the first time) they see McCain with his family they will harken back to this joke. For you see, as true political junkies like myself and the entire writing staff of the Colbert report know…

JOHN MCCAIN HAS A Bangledeshi Daughter! The Colbert staff wants you to think she’s illegitamate. She’s adopted… from Mother Theresa’s orphanege. . Now, thanks to Colbert’s slime-ball tactic voters will think it’s an illegitamate kid.

And don’t think Colbert didn’t know… the liberal press LOVED John McCain back when he was being “bi-partisan” (translation: voting with Democrats, any Dem who voted for Republicans was labled a “traitor” not a “bi-partisan”)… they only hate him now because he is the flag-bearer of the Republicans and the antithesis of their empty suite Barack Obama.

Stephen Colbert you are a race-card playing piece of crap. Rot in hell.

See McCain’s family below (it’s not a good picture, you almost have to look close to see Bridgette)

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