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Apple and Belkin

Posted by americandust on February 25, 2008

I just gave this post the title so that if anyone is searching to see if Belkin’s FM Broadcaster/charger is causing their ipod problems they will find this post.

It seems some people on Apple’s board are now thinking that the Belkin broadcaster has caused their ipod to die.  This is mearly a coincidence.  I used my Belkin for over a year without any problem.  Then I updated my ipod on MLK Jr day and that update by Apple on Itunes killed my ipod.  Apple has offered no help (well, they said they’d fix my old, out of date ipod for $250!). 

So instead, they banned me from posting over at apple’s support forums.  Thus I can’t get on there and say “hey, it’s not the Belkin… it’s the itunes update!”  Poor Belkin’s gonna get some calls soon but it’s not their fault.  How do I know?  Mine crashed before I ever got it out of the office after the new update killed it, so mine did the same as theirs (bricked) before ever being plugged back into the Belkin after the deadly update.

Of course if any of you could post this over at apple (just search for Belkin and you’ll find the important post) it would be appreciated, but Apple will probably ban you for it!

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