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Obama and Hitler…

Posted by americandust on February 22, 2008

  First, let me say I in no way think that Obama is evil like Hitler.  I just want to make a comparison of the meteoric rise the two made, how they met the same needs of their would-be followers, and how nobody knew anything about the real person…  but they love(d) him anyway.

  First… read this

Now, think about Obama filling the needs of a generation of father-figure-less kids.  Much the way Hitler did for the orphans and widows of World War One Germany.  Now, consider their wonderful speaking ability.  Obama’s forked tongue makes women fait, so did Hitler.  Hitler electrified the masses, much like Obama.  But did either have any specific ideas?  Nope. Obama campaigns on hope, Hitler campaigned on strength.  Hitler’s vague comments about weakening the hold the Jews have on Germany weren’t specific at first–he had to prep the public for his evil plan.  Obama’s vague comments about Hope and the Future are sometimes mixed with a promise to weaken the hold the rich have on America, the White House, and economic policy.  Of course Obama isn’t going to send rich people to concentration camps or execute them… but he is masking his ultimate goal:  tax the hell out of them so he can reward the %40 of Americans that don’t pay taxes (the core of the Democratic party).

Let me restate once more for the slower of you… Obama is NOT Hitler.  He isn’t even evil, he’s just stupid when it comes to economics and he is tied to the special interest of the non-tax paying American.  He’s a ne0-Marxist, not a Nazi.

But their sudden rise to power is oddly similar.  The only thing Obama is missing is a gang of youth thugs to attack any who oppose him.  Oh wait, he has that, but they only flex their thug muscles on the internet by blasting any who dare point out the stupidity of electing the most inexperienced man who ever (probably) got a major parties’ nomination.


2 Responses to “Obama and Hitler…”

  1. Support change.

  2. hACmAN2u said

    It is about time the truth starts coming out about Obama. The Leftists in America will provide shelter and run guard for his agenda. As for the lifetime core Democrats, it can be simply stated that they just don’t get it.

    Being brought up in a Democratic home and over the past 40 – 50 years meant that you should vote Democrat no matter who ran under the ticket. It just goes to show you that Hitler or Stalin could come back from the dead, run on the Democratic ticket and they will be supported by Democratic Party members.

    I changed years ago when I grew up and made my own decisions in life. I do not expect Government to provide for me or my family and other Americans should not either.

    With Obama as the Democratic token, a vote in November means a Vote for Marxism in America and a vote for STUPID.

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