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New Idiot to Ignore… The New York Times

Posted by americandust on February 22, 2008

  Okay, so by now you know the story… the New York Times ran a story claiming that McCain had an “inappropriate relationship” with a lobbyist.  They had NO NAMED SOURCES.  The heart of the story seems to come from 8 years ago when a McCain aide asked the lobbyist to basically not be around McCain much so that no one would spread any lies about the two of them. 

In short, McCain was worried that the Bush Campaign (more specifically Karl Rove) would spin a story romantically linking the two professionals.  That’s it.

So the NYT held on to this story, they’ve been working on it for 8 months or so, went ahead and endoresed the man (and called him a Great American), then waited till he had the nomination locked up and tried to spring this on him.

Now we know that the Times would do anything to see a Democrat win.  We’ve known that for years.  Now maybe John McCain will realize that the press only likes him when he abandons his fellow Republicans.  They don’t look at him as a Maverick, they look at him as a tool they can use for their purpose–getting Dems elected.

Meanwhile there’s a story going around that a guy alleges he did cocaine and had homosexual sex with Obama.  That story has a source–the guy who supposedly did this with Obama.  His name is Larry Sinclair… he went to the press with his story and was ignored.

I’m not saying I believe Mr. Sinclair, but shouldn’t the Press run with a story that has an actual source over this McCain nonsense?  Shouldn’t the press look into the story, then look into why the man is lying (assuming he is lying)?  Maybe there’s a big story here (only three possibilities–1. he’s telling the truth, 2–he’s just a loon who’s lying, or 3–he’s lying but was put up to this by either Republicans or Hillary’s people).  2 of those 3 outcomes are MAJOR news stories.


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