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Obama is a Liar.

Posted by americandust on February 19, 2008

  So now Mass. Governor Patrick is saying that he told Obama to use his words in the campaign!

Really?  Then how come Obama didn’t immediately offer that excuse when he was busted for plagerism? 

BECAUSE IT IS A LIE.  It is a lie developed by Obama and his friend Patrick to help cover Obama’s plagerism.

What do you call someone who puts together false stories?  A liar.

What do you call someone who steals from others (and just because Patrick doesn’t mind doesn’t mean he was stolen from).  A theif.

Obama is a thief and a liar.

All Obama has to offer is “EMPTY PROMISES AND STOLEN WORDS!”

Is that the change that Dems are so desperate for? That must mean they think Bush is very honest and true to his words. 

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