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Obama attacks McCain…again.

Posted by americandust on February 18, 2008

  It seems wonder-boy Obama just can’t play nice.  He now uses at least 15 minutes of every speech to VICIOUSLY ATTACK McCAIN!  Obama promises a new type of government, but he’s sure giving us the SAME OLD NEGATIVE CAMPAIGNING.

Obama’s hoping that he can get as many free shots at McCain as he gets to take at Clinton without any backlash, because as we’ve seen, anyone who attacks him is usually denounced as racist.  He plays the VICTIM CARD as well as anyone in political history.  However, I’d bet Obama is really trying to get McCain to look like a cranky old man so he can be the smiling, laughing young trendster by comparison.  Obama is just as negative, just as dirty, just as manipulating as Clinton.  The press just gives him a free ride because he’s “cute.”


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