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Football Versus Soccer

Posted by americandust on February 5, 2008

  First, let me state how truely happy I am that the Patriots lost.  As a Jets fan, there’s not much worse on this planet then the Patriots.

  However, let’s look at this Superbowl –the highest rated one ever–thanks mostly to the NFL refusing to punish the Patriots cheating by making them forfiet the game against the Jets when they got caught cheating.  For the record, look at what happens when Tom Brady gets hit a lot and then remember that when the Patriots stole the Jet’s defensive signals it essentially meant that Brady would never get hit (if you know the blitz is coming then you dump off or quick pass out so you don’t get hit–see how much a difference that makes!)

  Anyway, the game was an utter snore-fest if you like scoring.  Take out Eli’s magical play and drive to take the lead and you’d have the most boring super bowl ever.  Seriously, a 17-14 isn’t much of a score-fest.  In fact, doesn’t every soccer-hater always point to the lack of points as the reason they hate soccer?  Let’s make touchdowns the equivelent of goals, so they are worth 1 each.  We’ll throw out the field goal as there is no equivelent in soccer (except perhaps a PK goal as they’re not as exciting as a goal from open play).

Final Score of “the best Superbowl ever”:  2-2.

The scores from the last round of the European Champions League (a tournament that pits each nations best club teams against others of Europe’s best so a natural comparison to the AFC-NFC championship game).

Barcelona 3-1 Stuttgart,  Lyon 3-0 Rangers, Roma 1-1 Man united, Sporting Lisbon 3-0 Dynamo Kiev, Fenherbache 3-1 Moscow, Inter Milan 1-0 PSV, Arsenal 2-1 Bucherest, Sevilla 3-0 Prague.

Earlier in the tourney we saw Liverpool beat Turkey’s best 8-0.

Throw in the fact that the game is actually 90 minutes of actions instead of 20 minutes of action spread over 3 hours of football and it’s pretty clear why this NFL season was the most boring one I’ve ever watched.  I got spoiled this summer by watching lots of great games from the Gold Cup, Copa America, MLS, Champions League, and English Premier league.

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