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Democrats’ hypocracy

Posted by americandust on February 5, 2008

 So every now and then I go check the local (Kentucky) political blogs.  In particular I like to laugh at the bunch over at  What a bunch of hypocrats.  Their founder (who I respect in many ways) once ran for office and was a victim of a smear-campaign that called him (amongst other things) gay.  So what does his webpage do?  It allows writers to call elected Republican officials gay.  I’m not talking about Larry Craig here… Even Matt himself has hinted at saying those lies about Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and now Jim Pence (some nobody hack blogger who looks like he’s so old he shouldn’t be using a computer anyway) is calling Congressman Ed Whitfield gay because he lives in California part of the time!

Seriously, what a bunch of hypocracy.  Hopefully Matt will come to his senses and stick to what he has always said was his principals… opposing such bigoted idiocracy.

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