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Apple still being a typical company

Posted by americandust on February 5, 2008

  Well now Apple has blocked me from their discussion pages where you seek help to your itunes or ipod questions.  No email from them though, so that’s weird.  But none the less I am no longer allowed to post and ask a question that is essentially “when are you going to do something about your firmware update killing all these ipods.”

I can assume the answer is NEVER.  They have no reason to fix their problem as the trendster-wannabe key demographic to them are all sheep who will rush out and buy the newest ipod to keep up with their pals and not even worry that Apple is just waiting until their warrantee runs out to kill that whole line of ipods in an Itunes firmware update.

NEVER BUY FROM APPLE:  they’re crap.  They don’t work like they say, and if you are an “apple” person you’re the type of person who buys $7 coffee at Starbucks to pretend you’re so worldly and better then anyone else.  Now who’s the Sheep, I ask you?

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