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To Hell with Giusseppe Rossi…

Posted by americandust on January 30, 2008

 Quick… name the best American Soccer Player?  Donovan?  Hardly.  Adu?  Not yet.  Micheal Bradley?  I like the way you’re thinking now.  But most people would say Giusseppe Rossi… only the wonderkid isn’t playing for America and shouldn’t be considered American when it comes to soccer anymore.  See, in world soccer you can pick your team you represent to some degree.  You must play for one of the following:  The country you were born in, the country your parents were born in, or in some cases, the country you have become a citizen of.  But here’s the problem, once you’ve ever played in the full men’s national team (not counting the youth divisions) uniform you are tied to that national team for the rest of your life.

  Rossi was born and raised in America (if you consider New Jersey to be America–I don’t sometimes) till he was 13.  From there his Italain-born parents moved home and he went along and started playing on teams over there.  He developed into one hell of a player and at age 20 years and 10 months became a bit of a sensation leading La Liga (the awesome Spanish league–the best in the world possibly) in scoring.  When he turns 21 he will become forever tied to Italy unless he fills out some paperwork.

He turns 21 Feb 1st.  So goes the former greatest American prospect. 

I guess it evens things out as we have laid claims on Ghana-born Freddy Adu (who ironically once turned down moving, living, playing, and eventually appearing for Italy).  Not sure that I wouldn’t have taken Rossi over Adu anyway.

So while Rossi tries to break into the Italian national team (which rarely plays players who live in other countries anyway) we are left with a great crop of Young Americans.  If all goes well for Rossi he will be a part of an Italian team trying to repeat as World Cup champs.

Wouldn’t you rather be a part of building a new champion then trying to defend someone else’s?  Would you rather your kid go play football for defending champ LSU or be the one to take the local home-state school to levels it never reached before?

Oh well… with Adu, Altidore, Micheal Bradly, Sach K., and many others we just might reach those summits without him.  But the one thing America has always been missing is a great goal-scorer… we will have one (Altidore) but how dangerous could we have been with two?

So Giusseppe I say “Good Luck, but I hope you NEVER make it to the Italian national team and have to watch with envy when Altidore and the boys make it to World Cups you are left watching from your home in the Italian hills.” 


6 Responses to “To Hell with Giusseppe Rossi…”

  1. Dutchguy said

    You americans just dont get it. What is it with americans that they believe immigrants should forget what blood runs trough your vains..
    I am Dutch. If I was born in USA from Dutch born parents I would have no doubt what so ever to play for Dutch national team in stead of US team. Ur hart and blood and the language you speak in your home is what makes you. Not the country u are born in..
    PS. US soccer team is not really good so I think that makes the choice much easyer.. Giuseppe Rossi is as much Italian as American, if not More, and thats how it is.

  2. IThinkYou'reFullofCrap said

    Since when is it that Americans believe people should forget what blood runs through people’s veins? No one is asking that anyone forget anything.

    Living in a nation is a mutual contract between the government and the governed. In exchange for the quality of life offered to people, they become AMERICANS and support their country when required.

    If you move to the US and then just decide to hightail out, you’re a hypocrite. You shouldn’t blow off and badmouth a cow while sucking on its teet.

  3. Jamaican Guy said

    I’m sorry, but it is YOU who does not get “it”. I’m Jamaican. Unlike Rossi, I was actually BORN in Jamaica, to Jamaican parents, have a Jamaican passport etc etc. America is a hodge-podge of immigrants, it’s what our country is about. You’re born somewhere else, but you venture to this land, and fly our flag above all. In my heart, I still pull for the Jamaican national side in everything. Best believe I’m proud to be born in the same country as Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell, but I wouldn’t DARE represent any other country on a world stage than America. I live in this country, speak this country’s language (not my native dialect), abide by this countries rule, go to this countries schools, and pay my dues to THIS society.

    I don’t care if he wants to play in Italy (or Spain where he does now, or England where he will be sooner than later), but he effectively turned his back on our national system to try and get in with the “big boys”.

    Well, I guess he isn’t American. Nothing brave about that.

  4. If I had to guess, I’d say it has something to do with his father. I know many people who go to extremes to please their parents, so that might be what it is. That’s fine… but I hope he takes his money and his (possibly future) wife and kids and stays in Italy. Don’t come back to America to live the American Dream if you’re steal planted wholely in Italy. He’s like the top high school prospect who chooses to go to big name school to play their sport instead of the local University that needs him to help elevate them to previously unheard of heights. Well, everyone hates Duke basketball except the Dukies themselves, and we can feel free to hate Rossi.

  5. ProudAmericana said

    Wow you guys seriously don’t understand that human have free will to do what they want! If the guy chose Italy great! If he would have chosen, cool! for whatever reason he chose to play for italy, leave him be! if he is happier respesenting, italy, the country of his roots, how great of him to not forget where he is originally from (by roots) you guys just don’t get it. I’m sure he won’t forget the USA, its a great country, but he has the right to choose without so much crap the usa fans give him. its just soccer for goodness sake! you guys make too much drama over this!

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