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Apple Snobs…

Posted by americandust on January 22, 2008

“Study: Apple Mac users more ‘open-minded, liberal, assured of own superiority’ than average person”.

  That’s according to some egg-head researchers (who probably own macs).  Let me see if I get this right… Mac users are open-minded but think they’re superior to others?

Uh… well… how is that possible?  “I am open to you being allowed to be inferior to me.”

Translation:  Mac users are young snobs.

Now could one of you young snobs please figure out how to undo the damage your damn itunes update did to my ipod? 


2 Responses to “Apple Snobs…”

  1. Karma?

  2. No, I think it’s just part of Apple revealing that they are just another greedy corporation as bad as Microsoft or Enron, they just have a better P.R. firm to try to create a false image.

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