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Benny Feilhaber coming home?

Posted by americandust on January 18, 2008

  Okay I know I’ll lose most of you with a soccer related post, but here goes.  Benny Feilhaber might be coming to play in the MLS.  Feilhaber scored the winning goal last Summer to win the Gold Cup for America (against Mexico) and then was bought by Derby County (dead last in the English Premier League) from his German team.  The funny thing is, Derby NEVER played him hardly.  You’d think a team in last would use their new $2 Million dollar investment, but nope.  So while so many Americans have gone overseas this Summer (Freddy Adu, Danny Szetela, possibly Eddie Johnson) to join other good Americans based overseas (Michael Bradley and some guys like Califf playing in Scandinavia), having a true rising American star come home would be a VERY good thing for the MLS.

Whichever teams signs Feilhaber becomes my favorite in the MLS immediately.

The MLS Superdraft is on ESPN 2 today at 2 eastern.  If you are a neilson family, please click over for about 10 minutes to help increase ratings (we are going to have to support this league if we’re going to do better at international soccer tournaments).

Saturday the US plays a very good Sweden team, its on Fox Soccer Channel (availible on DirecTV if you buy the sports pack, which includes a ton of sports chanels and always has good college basketball games on).

P.S. Go to and buy a cheap t-shirt of any MLS team.  If you want to be trendy, buy a Beckham shirt.  If you want to go against the trendy people, buy a team shirt of anyone else then act like you’re not a bandwagoner (I call this the Apple Computers approach to being a soccer fan).

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