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Republicans for Obama ?

Posted by americandust on January 11, 2008

“Republicans for Obama”, how come I haven’t heard that phrase yet.  I know a few hard-core, die-hard dems that say they’ll vote for Huckabee if he’s the nominee, I’ve heard of some big Dem McCain supporters even, but not Republicans for Obama.  Could that be because he’s fanatically pro-abortion?  Or is it because he’s weak on crime (he wouldn’t even join his fellow democrats who voted to make carrying a gun to school a felony!).  Is it because he’s a hypocrit for acting like he cares about your home loan interest rate when he had a rather suspecious home deal with his next-door-neighbor (who was convicted of giving illegal contributions to senators?)?  Is it because Obama has less experience then any major presidential candidate in history (including 85 Senators in our current Senate who have served longer then him)?  Is it because he has offered no policy initiatives except the word “hope”?  Maybe it’s because he took YEARS in the senate before he felt strong enough to author a bill.  Maybe it’s because he’s pro-affirmative action hiring.  Maybe it’s because he’s another northeastern elitist educated lawyer.  Don’t the Dems have anyone who wasn’t a lawyer?

The question is, when he loses his nomination, will his supporters be so disappointed they don’t show up on election day for Hillary.  Could the Dems win without the youth vote and the African-American vote?  Nope… but history has shown us lately they can’t win with those votes either.


2 Responses to “Republicans for Obama ?”

  1. Eddie said

    What are you talking about. There are a ton of Republicans for Obama groups. Here’s one:

  2. I checked that page out… what a joke. There’s like 10 states listed with supposed supporters, although 8 of the states have the same email address for you to send to to sign up.

    There’s not a handful of Republicans in each state that truely think anything of Obama. That fraud of a page just points to a fraud of a reporter (Jay Newton-Small) who put up a joke of an article at Newsweek. Don’t think for a minute that any of us have forgotten the hack job Newton-Small did when she worked at Bloomberg. She’s always attacking Bush and now she’s out and out lying about supposed Republican support for Obama (she cites Democrat donors as “life long republicans!)

    See here for a little on her…

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