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Idiot cite of the day… The Daily Kos

Posted by americandust on January 11, 2008

  So my liberal friend is always mentioning the Daily Kos.  I’ve never heard anyone here in the real world talk about it, so I thought today I’d go and take a peek.  What a bunch of crap that is.  They’re trying to get Democrats to vote for Romney in Michigan (where you can switch parties for the day).  This is funny because my brother-in-law said he was doing the same for Hillary in Indiana.  I bet a bunch of Republicans follow suite for the easy fall kill.  How funny would it be if Republicans voted for Hillary and Democrats switched to vote for Romney?  The Dialy Kos thinks this will mean he stays in longer and spends more money to bash other Republicans.  Although I think the Daily Kos picked  Michigan because Romney is most likely to win there without their help, then they can say it’s because of them.

   Anyway, the Daily Kos says that they have to “stoop to Republican levels” which is utterly ridiculous.  They even say that Republicans stole the 2000 election while Democrats “kept to the high road’.  What a joke.  What is keeping to the high road about making a bogus lawsuit to circumvent well established state laws that prevent losers from trying to recount votes ONLY in the districts that they want too?  Al Gore wanted to recount votes in Dem districts hoping some more votes would be found.  Here we should note that CNN did a long study later and did an unofficial recount and found that even if the Supreme Court had allowed Al Gore to illegally recount votes only in the areas of his choosing, he still would have lost.  But this doesn’t matter to the dems, that lawsuit was NEVER ABOUT winning the race… they lost, they knew they lost.  That suit was to give them an excuse and to try to poisen the water so Bush couldn’t accomplish anything as the Dems would simply refuse to support him (remember Bush had a remarkable bi-partisan record from his years in Texas).  It didn’t work… we stopped the growing post-tech stock recession (the Clinton just passed on to the next guy) and got our economic boom from the tax cuts, we destroyed the Taliban’s hold on Afghanistan, and we ousted Saddam. All in spite of the Dem’s obstructionist policies. The Dems can claim some victories of course, they kept Social Security as a Scam that can’t support the elderly (this way the elderly will have to turn to them for more hand-out programs) and they refused to support the full funding for troops. 


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