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Album of the Year… Mansions

Posted by americandust on January 10, 2008

  Okay, I know you’re like “who the hell are Mansions.”  Just hop over to iTunes, type in Mansions.  Listen to Great Big Plan and The Worst Part, then Por Favor is Spanish.  Seriously, what an amazing and fun band.  Of course the band is only one guy, but he sounds like a full band (don’t know how many guest musicians were on it or if he did it all).  Imagine a Jimmy Eat World or Get Up Kids with more raw, true emotion.  Several years ago I thought how odd it was that there were no “high-school” albums that really summed up that shared experience we all had.  There were several things marketed towards emotionally retarded high school girls and boys, but no album that really summed up the whole damn experience.  This is that album. Please buy his albulm or download a song or two, I’m sure he needs the money and publicity.  Hey, even probably has a student loan or two to pay back.

To paraphrase Eugene Mirman, on a scale of one to ten, it ranks Apple… I don’t go by your ###king scales!

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