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Obama’s Voting Record…

Posted by americandust on January 8, 2008

  I almost hate to spill the beans on this one.  I know most high level Republicans want to hold onto Obama’s voting record till he’s wrapped up the nomination, but we simply have to start letting people know what kind of horrible record he has.  I’ll start slowly… let’s look at how tough he will be on crime (and no, I’m not just talking about his well-known drug use in college).

Obama voted AGAINST passing…”an amendment that would prohibit undocumented immigrants convicted of aggravated felonies, domestic violence, stalking, violation of protection orders, crimes against children, or crimes relating to the illegal purchase or sale of firearms, from gaining legal status.”

In other words…Obama is all for letting dangerous, convicted felons into our country.  I remember hearing somewhere that back in Illinois he voted against making it a felony to carry a gun to school.  I guess he values convicted felons from other countries and gang-members more then he values good decent Americans.


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