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Obama’s lack of experience…

Posted by americandust on January 4, 2008

Just did a quick check… not only is Obama the least experienced Presidential Candidate, there are 85 (of 100) current Senators that have more experience then he does.

Dan Quayle was a political veteran back in 1988 compared to one-term Senator Obama, who only previously served a few years in his state senate.  Democrats can’t seriously think this man can do the job, can they?


4 Responses to “Obama’s lack of experience…”

  1. merrillocity said

    I’d ask you what you consider experience first. I’m guessing you would say holding a national political office. If that’s the case, have a look at every American President since Nixon and you will see that none of them were elected to a national office before announcing their candidacy. These days, experience means mistakes and the media has a field day with that. Look what happened to John Kerry.

  2. madmax122382 said

    Come on, man. Just because you’re inexperienced doesn’t mean you’re so stupid you can’t spell “tomato.” Comparing Obama with Quayle isn’t fair. Quayle was a total idiot. No amount of experience would have helped him.

    I don’t see anything wrong with being new on the scene. He’s clearly intelligent and articulate, and tenacious. New to me just means that he may not be in someone’s pocket yet, and that’s a good thing.

    (BTW, I’m a ron paul guy, but I respect Obama).

  3. I’d say to be an experienced candidate you need to do ANY of the following:

    1. Been a Governor (even just 4 years of being a governor is sufficient–afterall, it is Executive Branch experience). The bigger the state the better the experience.

    2. Been a party leader or whip in Congress. The leadership aspect is very important. However, these people are usually so tied to the party mentality that they would make horrible presidents.

    3. Served 8 or more years in the Senate. Shown that you have completed a term, been re-elected, etc. It helps if you’re the state’s senior Senator, but not necessary if the other senator is from the OTHER party (can’t just follow along and be the senior senator’s lap-dog).

    4. Served 10 or more years in college.

    5. Been a successful owner/CEO/high level manager of a BIG corporation. Probably the next best experience to being a Governor, truth be told.

    6. Been a Cabinent member or one of the top two or three in the Justice Department (like Rudy G.).

    7. Mayor of a VERY large City.

    8. Certain Ambassador jobs combined with some of the above experience would be fine (I don’t agree with Richardson, but he’d probably pass my experience requirement).

    So, Obama’s very, very limited “experience” (3 years in the Senate, a few years in a state senate) just doesn’t cut it. Edwards one term in the Senate is pretty weak. Hillary probably has a very basic experience… I do believe she learned SOMETHING from her years serving tea in the white house and her disasterous Health Care flop back in 93.
    On the Republican side, any of the major continders have enough experience (except Thompson).

    As for Obama, 8 years ago he was nothing but a well-educated lawyer. 18 years ago he was doing cocaine in his law school. Sorry, that’s just not enough experience.

  4. Why would you think Dan Quayle is an idiot? Because he was educated at Harvard just like Obama? Or because he read out loud the misspelled word on a card at a school spelling bee (which was potato, not tomato by the way).
    I’d put Dan Quayle (who by the way beat a powerful Indiana Democrat family for his senate seat) up against you and Ron Paul together. Dan Quayle turned around a small failing newspaper in the 80’s, whereas Ron Paul was printing a racist, idiotic newsletter in the 90’s to other idiot, racists.

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