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Liberal Dictionary…

Posted by americandust on January 3, 2008

A few definitions from the Liberal Dictionary…

Fundamentalist:  Anyone who isn’t ashamed to admit they believe in God.

Change:  The greatest issue facing the country.  Which candidate can promise the biggest, most amazing Change usually wins.  No need to explain what that change is.

Supporter:  Any out of state employee brought in to make the campaign look more successful then it is.

Progressive:  A step towards socialism, which is a needed step towards communism.

Good Ol’ Boy:  Any Republican who has been in office for more then 2 years.

Dedicated Public Servant:  Any Democrat who was appointed out of friendship by the governor or party boss, despite their failure to accomplish anything they stay in office and are the true definition of a “Good Ol’ Boy” by anyone else’s standards.

Republican:  Mean nasty people who believe that citizens can make decisions for themselves.

Liberal:  Anyone who correctly knows that big government can take away that annoying habit of making a decision for yourself.

Darfur:  A bitter, civil-war torn region in Africa that looks exactly how we wish Iraq would look whenever there’s an American Election.

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