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Anti-Christian Forces at work in election…

Posted by americandust on January 3, 2008

  The Anti-Christian forces are hard at work to swerve the Presidential election again.  Letters are being sent to Iowa pasters to “warn” them from endagering their churches’ tax exempt status (see here).  This is NOTHING new.  The Dems (and some questionable Republicans) have always tried to intimidate Christians from getting involved because they know they will be hurt by decent Christians voting with their beliefs in mind.  What is a crock is that the Dem candidates run to a church twice a year, cameras in tour and give speeches from the pulpit but nothing is done because those are primarily African-American churches and nobody will dare suggest that they should be investigated.  Look at Hillary when she ran to a Southern church and talked in a fake Southern drawl.  How come Dems can get behind the pulpit of a church and attack the president and our troops, but if a preacher AS AN INDIVIDUAL dares talk to anyone OUTSIDE HIS CHURCH about supporting Christian Republicans, the Libs throw a huge fit! 


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